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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Free hair accessories!!

I am giving away free hair accessories for a newborn or baby girl.

Contact me if you qualify for all of the following criteria:
1. Have a newborn or baby girl
2. Getting professional pictures taken within the next month
3. Having the pictures taken from a place/photographer that gives you the rights to the photo's

If the answer is yes to all of the above email me at kylaskreations at gmail dot com with the following:
1. Attached current photo of the baby or newborn
2. The link to the photographer that is going to be taking your pictures
3. Also let me know the age of the baby

Monday, December 20, 2010

Giveaway winner! Merry Christmas everyone!

The giveaway winner for this week is:

Jessica W said...

I suggested 34 people!

Congrats! Contact me to claim your prize!  

Merry Christmas everyone! I am not doing a giveway for the next two weeks but I will be giving all my great customers a Christmas present! Stay tuned for more details!

Monday, December 13, 2010

New hair accessories plus giveaway winner announced

Today I am giving away one of these beautiful all white headbands.  Absolutely stunning on!! To be entered to win this headband you have to :
1. Go to my facebook page (click here or go to the top right hand page of this blog) and click "LIKE"
2. Then,  invite at least 15 friends to become a fan. Comment below telling me how many friends you invited and that's it! 

To purchase this hair accessory click HERE

Also, I have more pictures listed! 
To learn more about the photographers go to 

And last but not least the winner is announced! 

1. Moffatzoo said...

As many people know my sister and I don't see eye to eye on anything. I don't think I will ever understand her life style choices and the choice to let the government support. With that said I just sent her a card telling her it was nice to see her when she was up for Thanksgiving. My kids loved seeing her even if mom had to drink a few extra Diet Dr. Peppers to get threw the week.

2. ...Sheri said...

I called my sister and told her I loved her and I also wrote two thank you notes to friends who have helped me in the last week.

Contact me to claim your free hair accessory!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Two giveaways today!!

Wow, things are pretty crazy around here as I am sure they are at your house too! Christmas Season is such a fun time of year but with that comes lots of preparation which involves time.  I hope that each of us might be grateful for this time of year when we get to stop and reflect ways to helps others.  

So with today's giveaway, I want you to think of someone who might need a visit, phone call, a letter, an email or some other way to show your gratitude for them.   Visit, Write or call them and check up on them and tell them how much they mean to you.  After you do so, comment below and tell me what you did to brighten someone's day.  That's it!! Two winners will win the headband above!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

BLack FriDaY sAle!!! One week only!! Giveaway Winner announced also

The winner for last week's giveaway was: HSUper Parents

Congrats! Contact me with your email address so I can send you an invoice for shipping.

Super excited announcement!! Everyone wins this week! This week I am having a Black Friday Sale's Event!! Super huge savings on some of my most popular hair accessories! Must see! This sale will last until midnight Monday the 29th of November.  Hurry and get the ones you want because some of these hair accessories will be sold out quickly and will never be listed again!!

CLICK HERE to see which hair accessories are on sale!! 
(or go to my blog and search under BLACK FRIDAY THANKSGIVING SALE)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Giveaway today!

The winners for last week were contacted.  Thank you for all who entered.  If I didn't choose yours it was because I already had a good photo for that hair accessory.   Thank you!!


I have a few new hair accessories listed. #38, 34 and #13!!!

Today I am giving away #38 which is an interchangeable black and white zebra headband which will fit child to an adult.  I love this headband because when I don't have time to do my daughters hair I just put this baby on with a flower clip and Voilà her hair looks done!!! (perfect for mom's hair too!!)

To win this headband you can do as many as the following.  Each will be counted as a different entry but be sure to comment below with a separate comment for each entry you do below:

1.   Click "like" on my facebook page CLICK HERE and then comment below telling me you have done so.

2.  Update your facebook status telling your friends and family about my blog website using my website link: Then comment below telling me you have done so. 

3.  Enter your email address below to receive emails when I have a giveaway (emails will NOT be shared!) Second; go to your email and confirm your email address to receive the emails.  Third; comment below to say you have done so. 

Enter your email address:

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Monday, November 8, 2010

AMAZING GIVEAWAY TODAY plus the winner of last week!

I am so excited about this giveaway today!  Today everyone could be a winner so there is no limit to how many can win!! Today I want to see pictures of your child wearing one of my hair accessories! If I choose your photo to use on my website then you will receive a a $6.00 credit to use in my store!  You can submit as many photos as you wish and you can win multiple times! Professional photo's are more likely to get chosen but be sure you have been given the photo rights to your photo's before you post them.  (If you win I can even put the name of photographer's company on the photo if you wish). 

I already have one customer who submitted two photo's today and I have already chose two of hers to use so she will get $12.00 credit! It's that easy. Here are the specifics:

1.  You must post photo or photo's on  my facebook fan page HERE  to qualify (
2. Must have or have been given the rights to the photo's
3. May submit as many photo's as you wish
4. May win multiple times depending on if and how many photo's I choose to win of yours.

Last weeks winner! The winner of last week's giveaway was chosen randomly from The winner was number 5 which was: Joy said...

I love this headband and I think that it is a great idea to make it with velcro!! Absolutely adorable

True Random Number Generator  5Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Contact me at kylaskreations at gmail dot com and I will send you an invoice though paypal for the $2.00 shipping. Congrats!!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Trendy Curly Feather Headband Giveaway this week!!

I am in love with this headband! Me and my daughter share it because it looks great on both a mom and a child! (I had my four year old take the picture with me wearing the headband so sorry, it's not the best!) 

I have not listed this headband because I like to try all the hair accessories on me or my daughter first before I sell one so I can make sure it is a hair accessory my customers would like.  So this is my problem with this headband; because of the shape of it it is hard to store away let alone ship.  It doesn't lie flat so if you try to lay it flat it smashes the delicate feathers and might ruin the headband so I have an idea and I want to see what you think of it.  I have already tried it and it works, but I wanted to run it by my customers first to see how they feel about it.  I wanted to make the feather part removable so you could safely store the headband away so I have used a clear velcro.  It works perfect but I wanted to get feedback!

For today's giveaway, comment below and tell me your thoughts.  The nice thing about velcro is it makes the headband interchangeable.  You could buy several different colors of my feather pads separately and just interchange it on the headband to make the hair accessory cheaper and more versatile for you.  The winner will get this headband in my choice of colors and it will be removable with velcro.  Thank you in advance for your feedback!

The winner for this week is.....

Julia said...

posted : 

OMG! Just got Bryanna's new headbands and just love them...Can't wait for her to wear them :)
Tons of beautiful headbands, Check out

Monday, October 25, 2010

New announcement with the giveaways!! (Giveaway too!)

So with all of your comments, I have decided to extend the giveaway from Monday to Monday to let everyone find time to enter!! I hope this helps everyone!

Today I am giving away one of my new hair bows! With the request of a customer, I am now offering bows in various fun prints.  These include polka dots and animal prints like zebra, leopard and Damask. 

You can purchase this bow by clicking HERE

1. To win this headband bow (shipping only $2.00) update your facebook status telling your friends about my hair accessory website which includes the link. (not my giveaway website).  

2. After you have done that comment below telling me what you said. 

Then NEXT MONDAY I will post who won along with a new giveaway!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Help me out :)

I am in need of some feedback.  Only one person entered the giveaway yesterday.  Can you comment below and tell me why you did not.  What is too time consuming? Was it because I am no longer offering free shipping? I don't have a lot of extra time and so doing a giveaway every week takes up precious time of mine and I have been debating if I should keep it going so comment below and tell me your feedback of why you didn't enter yesterday.  Thank you so much for your feedback, it really helps me to know how to best serve my customers! Your the best. 

With that being said, the only person that entered yesterday was the winner:
D BEER said...

I had no problem, 
#41 Boa and Flower Lace Headband Hair Band Bow
Color of flower: Pink, Size: 12-24 months
#57 Organza Big Layered Headband Bow with pearl and Swarvoski center or Clip YOU CHOOSE
Headband size or Clip: 12-24 months, Flower Color: White
#56 Handmade Flower Lace Headband Bow
Headband size or Clip: 12- 24 months, Color of headband: No Headband, Flower Selection: Light Blue Organza
once again I love your headbands
thanks so much

Congrats!! Email me and I will send you an invoice for the shipping.  Thanks! ~Jen

Monday, October 18, 2010

Giveaway today!!

Today I am giving away one of these large peony flower clips. You can either choose hot pink or white.  They are perfect to put on beanies! 

To purchase one of these click HERE

***I am also updating a new rule.  I am sorry to have to do this but shipping is getting expensive and so I am no longer offering free shipping for the free giveaway hair accessories.  So sorry!  Shipping is only $2.00 so it is a great deal still! ***

If you want to win this hair clip.  You must do the following:

1. Go to my blog and add three of your favorite hair accessories in your cart and pretend you are going to purchase them.  I am having a few people say they are having a few problem adding items to their cart.  

2. If you find a problem comment below and let me know which item you are having a problem with as well as what three items you choose.  If you don't have a problem then let me know in a comment below and also include which three items you put in your cart. 

Thats it! I will let you know who the winner is tomorrow! 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The winner is.....

Do you want to see a few of my new hair accessories I will be listing soon??

Julie Oswald said...

suggested to 18 of my friends ;) looovve this headband!!

Thank you all that entered!! Also, the reason it took me so long to tell you the winner today is because I have been spending all morning taking pictures for you to be able to purchase this headband and so now it is listed for sell in my store!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Your going to love this headband giveaway!

I love this new headband!! It is small but yet eloquent and adds that perfect sparkle to brighten up your little girls face.  I have TONS of color options that I will be posting today or tomorrow.  
The winner of this giveaway for this rosette rose boa headband will get to choose the colors and the size.  (basically any color combination is available!)

In order to win this headband you must go to my facebook page CLICK HERE and under my picture on the left hand side it says "suggest to friends".  Click that and suggest to at least 10 friends that have little girls or would buy hair accessories.  Then comment below to let me know you have done so.  That's it!! Good luck!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Today's winner for a free boa feather nylon headband or clip is .....

Jeannette Croushore DeGraffenried I have orderd a few of the flower clips and my girls love them!! I'm definate that they would love the new boa ones too!!

Congrats!! Email me with your info and your selections and I will send it to you today! Thanks everyone for kind words. It makes my hard work more fulfilling!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Free Feather Boa Headband Giveaway Today!!

These are one of my newest "Kreations" which is now sold in my store!! These are ADORABLE and so cute on!  

To purchase or see the headband version click HERE
To purchase or see the clip version click HERE

In order to qualify to win this click you must do two things:

1.  You must be apart of Kyla's Kreations new facebook fan page by clicking the "Like" button on the top right hand side of this blog or click HERE.   

2.   Write on my new facebook wall page ( Again click HERE) and let others know how much you like Kyla's Kreations hair accessories or just your experience with your purchases.  

That's it! Tomorrow, I will choose a winner based off the comments on my Facebook page using to choose the winner.  (one comment per fan will be counted toward the giveaway, you may leave more if you would like though :) 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Everyone wins a free hair accessory today!!!

To thank all my great customers and followers I decided to do a giveaway that includes everyone!! Yes, that means YOU! If you place an order this week I will include a free big rose flower clip!! No minimum order! 

All you need to do is place your order on my blog ( between now and Monday morning at 10:00am mountain time and then email me at kylaskreations at gmail dot com telling you would like to redeem this free offer and I will include this hair clip free! Makes a great gift too! 
$4.00 value!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Winner is.....

jen.a.kaylor said...

Just posted on FB. Thanks!

Thanks everyone! Here are the first part of the emails of those who have not verified your account (Haven't gone to your email and clicked on the link that feedburner sends you to make sure your email is real)

xogiggles0703ox, jewelay620, marlenep31, tara_berthelot, jenneelee, Neidaace, johnnakayx3, anniejvanharen, RL_herrington, jsedlack, pikachi, inkablondi, flashergurl0409, mylilboobaby, missy101377, pchnvsky, peggysund, misti_pruitt, Mrsimonjohns, maxsmom, nagc, tanya_shpak, rikki_vb12cheer, m.hendrickson89, samyasim, lovemyana, augspurgers, tudivavirtual, doristip, kentucky_angel04, sdtldt0414, 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Beautiful Giveaway today

Today I am giving away one of my newest "kreations".  It is a beautiful flower flower clip that you can clip on one of my beanies (I have more colors available!) or headbands or even just use alone! It has a beautiful rhinestone pendant center that is so sparkly.  It measures about 3.5". 

Buy this now in my store!

Have you noticed a change to my website? Go look! Kyla's Kreations is getting a makeover! You will love the new intricate hair accessories, pictures and website designs so be looking for more changes! 

*********To enter this drawing you must do three things********

1. Make sure you are signed up to receive my giveaway emails.  Enter your email address at the top of this blog and then go to your email and click on the link it sends you to verify your email address.  I have many who have signed up who have not done the second step and verify.  You must be signed up and verified to win

2. Post a blog or facebook entry/status telling people about this giveaway

3.  Comment below with your email address (or first part of it like kylaskreations) so I can see if your email address is added to my mailing list and verified and then tell me if you posted a blog or a facebook status.  

Example: kylaskreations and here is what I said on facebook: "Enter to win an amazing headband from Kyla's Kreations by going to!!!

That's it!! Good luck!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why no giveaway??

So sorry everyone!! I was running a race this weekend and when I got back my computer wouldn't turn on!! I spent all day yesterday trying to figure it out and finally I took it in the the Apple store and they helped me diagnose the problem and it it fixed now!! I am so behind on orders that I will be spending every waking moment and possibly all night fulfilling them so sorry if you contacted me and have still not heard from me, you will by today.  I will be back up to date soon and will be posting a giveaway next Monday.  So sorry!

Thanks for understanding! ~Jen

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thanks for sharing!

That was so fun to read everyones comments and responses! Thank you for sharing! I hope everyone had fun reading what everyone else wrote also.  Using the winner for this week is:

Deneen who said this:

Being a mother has been a wonderful treasure, being a grandmother is the best gift a child can give their mother. It's the smallest things you do that make your childred smile and then your grandchildren. I have always taken an active special thing reading their favorite book WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. Also just keeping the the walls of communication always open your child and then grandchildren will no they are deeply loved.

Just email me your address and let me also know if you would rather have a clip or a headband and I will mail it off to you today! Thanks everyone!

Monday, August 30, 2010

A whole new look Kyla's Kreations!

I am so excited and have been working very hard at giving my websites and pictures new looks.  By next month I plan to be completed with updating everything.  I am also in the middle of creating more upscale intricate hair accessories.  I am so excited! 

Have you seen some of my new photo's? I have two professional photographers helping me:

For today's giveaway I will be giving away a hair accessory of my choice.  

I thought it might be nice to get to know me a little more.  Above are pictures of my family and I.  I have a daughter and two sons.  My daughter's name is Kyla hence my business is named after her.  Random things about me: My favorite things to do are talk or play games with family and friends.  My favorite desserts are ice cream, chocolate dipped strawberries and pumpkin cookies.  I am known to never answer the phone.  (I miss place it all the time or I forget to charge it and it dies!) People laugh and say it is faster to get a response from me if they email me rather then call me! From this statement you can see that I am on the computer many hours of the day.  I am trying to cut back my time so I can cherish the moments with my kids. 

So for this giveaway I thought it would be fun to learn a little more about you.  Comment below and give your best motherhood advice.  It can be a favorite thing your mom did or something you love to do with your kids. 
For example here is mine.  My husband and I switch off taking turns reading at least one book to our kids each night before they go to bed.  I think they will look back on this as a great memory of us. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

The winner is.....

 I am so proud of all you wonderful customers who donated.  We were able to come up with $190 dollars with donations as small as $5 all the way up to $50.  Thank you so much! I am sure this family is going to be so happy to hear of all of those that donated. 

The winner was chosen at random using  The winner for the hair accessories is Christina Park!! Congrats!!

Thank you again for all of those that donated! You are an example to us all!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Donate to Alivia and to possibly win this......

Donate to Alivia's cause and you could win all of these headbands and clips pictured above!! (I even left a hydrangea clip out of the picture you will receive) 

I am overwhelmed at how many people have donated already! Thank you.... You are so amazing to help this family out.  Thank you for your great example of how to be selfless and give to others. 

 I decided to even make the donation giveaway more fun.  Some people have donated up to $50 so I am going to give a giveaway entry to every $5 donation so that means if you donated $50 you get 10 entry's!! So keep donating or donate more to get more entry's!!! 

Monday, August 16, 2010


Today I am giving away a huge lot of baby headbands and clips to help a customer of mine.  I don't have my camera with me today but I will post a picture of the hair accessories you will win asap.  Here is my customers email to me:

"My 3 month old daughter was recently diagnosed with Craniosynostosis. She will have to undergo Cranio-Surgery on October 4th, 2010.  We are asking for donations of any value to help assist us with the medical costs. Due to the OUTRAGEOUS Health Premiums, we were unable to have health insurance through my husbands employment. We have applied for many state and federal programs but have been denied due to our income. We make too much to get help from the state/federal and don't make enough to pay our premiums for insurance that is provided through his work. (Just to tell you,his insurance for a family is...$ 858.00 a month) Would you be willing to help us?....."

To read more about her story click HERE

Her surgery will cost $120,000 and she has a fund set up to try to help relieve some of this financial burden. So what I am going to do for this giveaway is give away a huge lot of hair accessories to a drawing.  To enter the drawing you have to donate at least $5.00 to Alivia's fund through paypal.  (click the donate button at the bottom of this page) I couldn't get her donate button to work so I set up one through my paypal and then 100% off the donations will be sent to her fund.  

You could win over $50 dollars worth of hair accessories for just one donation of at least $5.00 to help a good cause!! Please pass on this info to friends and family or post of facebook! :)
This giveaway will end the Sunday night the 22nd and the winner will be announced Monday morning!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The giveaway goes to.....

Lauren Jager said...

All of them are so darling but if I had to pick I would say #48.

Congrats Lauren!! Email me by next Monday and let me know  your address and the size you would like the headband and I will send it to you!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Newly Listed Hair Accessory Giveaway!!

I have listed a ton of more hair accessories on my blog.  Be the first to see and buy these, some are already going quickly so hurry and purchase the ones you want before they are gone!

Click on the links below to go to the updated listings: 

Here are a list of the new or updated listings:
#58, #57, #56, , #54 is back, #49, #47, #41, #34, #24, #23, #11, #8

More color selections added to #55#48#43, #33, #32, #10

Out of these new or updated listings listed above; comment below and tell me which  is your favorite.  The one you choose will be the free hair accessory you will get if you win! 

Monday, August 2, 2010

The photo contest winner is......

First place and winner of the hair accessories is: #3

Second place: #2
Third place: #7

Thank you all who entered and who voted! You guys are the best customers ever! :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Photo Contest!!

Photo contest rules: Vote for the best picture.  You may only vote ONCE.  Each photo contestant is numbered.  Comment below and say which number you say is the best photo.  You will have until 7:00am Monday August 2nd to cast your vote! The winner will get over $60 worth of free hair accessories and in return will send me pictures of their little princess wearing them.  

If you want to purchase any of these hair accessories go to


Number 1 (above)

Number 2 (above)

Number 3 (above)

Number 4 (above)

Number 5 (above)

Number 6 (above)

Number 7:  (above)

Number 8: (above)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Over $60 worth of free hair accessories given away!

Are you ready to hear more!!?? I need more current pictures of my new hair accessories so I have fun idea!

I am going to have a photo contest of your little princess wearing my hair accessories.  You will have one week to email (kylaskreations(at)gmail(dot)com)me two of your favorite photo's that best show my hair accessories on your little girl. They can be taken by you or by someone that has given you the copyrights to them. Look at my current pictures to see examples.  Remember natural lighting works best so take pictures outside in the shade for best results. 

 I will then pick one of photo's to be uploaded on my giveaway blog where I will give another week for votes.  The highest votes will get my best selling hair accessories shipped to you for free with the agreement that you (or the same photographer) will take photo's of them on your little girl for me to use on my websites!! Your little girl could be a star!! ;)

Every entry will be a winner too!! Each person who enters will get a buy one get one 1/2 off coupon* to use on my blog!! 

*One entry per child.  You may enter multiple children but you will only get one coupon to use on my blog
*By emailing me a photo, you are giving me permission to use that photo on my websites and to upload it to my giveaway blog for votes. 
*Buy one get one 1/2 off coupon if for any item in my store with the 1/2 off item being equal or less value to full price item.  Coupon must be redeemed within 30 days.
*Photo's emailed to me may be edited 
*photo's must be submitted by Monday July 26th to count and to get a coupon

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And the winner for the rosette is... chose number 6 which was:

Amy said...

Jen-I would DEFINITELY wear a matching one with my daughter! She's getting older, so any chance I can get to connect with her is awesome!

I am glad so many of you liked my idea.  I am going to work on getting pictures of a mom and daughter wearing them.  (maybe me and my daughter!) As a preview, you guys are the first to be able to purchase this hair clip!!


It is number 46.  Check out the other hair accessories I have added:

#55, #53 has more colors added, #41, #34

More for mom and baby are coming soon too!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mommy and Me matching hair accessories!! One given away for FREE today

Okay so I am in love with this new idea of mine.  I am making a few of my hair accessories matching so mom and baby can wear them.  Here is a preview of just one of them.  Look at this cute rosette which is elegant enough for mom and cute enough for baby/little girl!!  What do you think? 

Today I am giving away one rosette clip in your choice of color: pink, hot pink, light pink, brown or white.  You can also choose the boa color: white, light pink, hot pink, lilac, dark purple, brown and red.  

To win this clip comment below and tell me your honest feelings about making matching hair accessories for you and your little girl.  Would you wear them? Thanks you in advanced for your input!