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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Zion's Vacation

Bed options for both Friday and Saturday night:

Room options Price per night
1. 1st Queen Bedroom + Bath (2) SOLD OUT

2. Upstairs Queen Bedroom +Bath(2) SOLD OUT

Bunk bed room (sleeps 6)
3. Bottom twin bed(2) $15 per person ($30 total)

4. Bottom twin bed(2) $15 per person ($30 total)

5. Top single bed(2) $15 total

6. Top single bed(2) $15 total

7. Sofa Sleeper in great room(2) $15 per person (30 total)

Plus there will be a $3.00 fee added per night for paypal fee's plus there is an added $15 for food per person/day. Once someone has purchased a room/bed it will come unavailable for someone else and will take you to another blog site if tried to purchase once it is sold out

Friday the 2nd september

Saturday the 3rd September

Monday, May 24, 2010


Last week I was so busy I forgot to stop and post a giveaway.  Isn't life so busy sometimes??  To make up for it this week I thought I would do something fun!   EVERYONE WILL BE  A WINNER!!  Cool huh?  If you follow the instructions and  comment below you will automatically get one item at 50% off!!  Cool huh? You will have one week to make your order so be sure get your order in by May 31st.  Remember you get charged NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES so to save the most money be sure to look in my store and see all of my hair accessories. 

You can get a few hair accessories to have on hand for birthday's, baby showers, holiday's ect. 

In order to qualify for today's giveaway you must tell 5 people about this great giveaway.  You can call them, text them, email them, facebook or blog about this wonerful offer and then comment below to let me know what you did.  

You have to see my new hair accessories I "kreated" and posted over the weekend.  Click the link to see them.

This giveaway is to thank  all my wonderful customers! 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The winner is....

I forgot to post the winner yesterday!! So sorry.  The days go so fast don't they??

Marie Gilreath said...

Emailed 10 of my friends to have them signup, enter and look at your beautiful hair bows and items!

Contact me before next week! Thanks! ~Jen

Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday May 10th Giveaway!!

Since we did headbands this week I wanted to giveaway a clip this week.  This week I will be giving away one of these cute gerber clips in your choice on color.  To see the color selections click THIS link. These even look cute in mom's hair!! 

To win this hair flower clip, you must tell your friends about my giveaway blog and include a link to it.  This week I am doing something different.  You will have the opportunity to have three different tries.  

1.  Email at least 10 friends/family members telling them about this giveaway blog.  If you do this, comment below to tell me you have done so
2. Update your facebook status regarding this giveaway blog and be sure to include the link to it.  If you do this one as well as the first be sure there are two different comment posts below.
3.  Write a blog entry telling your friends about this giveaway site and be sure to include the link.  In a different comment below, be sure to tell me what you said on your blog. 

That means if you do all three options you will have three different comment posts below and each will help your changes of winning! Good luck!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Winner for two new headbands is....

Kristi said...

I added #45, #36 and #32. Everything worked great!!! I love the cart idea!!! Very easy!!! Also, I love the headbands that you have in the giveaway today!!! Thanks!!!

Thanks to the winner was picked completely at random.

****Sorry it has taken me so long to post the results today but I watched my little niece who modeled my new hair accessories.  I am editing them and will be putting them on my websites for purchasing.  Be sure to check back next week because you are going to LOVE these new headbands!!

Thank you for all who participated.  We found one mistake which I was able to correct. Have a great day!

Monday, May 3, 2010

I am giving away two flower headbands today!

 I custom made these headbands for this giveaway.  These are the only ones that will be made with these colors so be sure to enter the contest to win these.  (I have two more in different colors not shown that will be for next weeks giveaway. )

In order to win these headbands I need you to help me! I added a checkout system for my updated blog for my customers to easily purchase hair accessories from me.  So what I need you to do is have you pick three of your favorite items and pretend you are going to purchase them buy putting them in your cart, next view your cart and check for the following mistakes:

1.  Make sure you can add the items you want to the cart successfully
2.  Make sure the prices in the cart match the price of the item in the cart. 
3.  Make sure there is a spot for you to choose or pick your size or color selection
4.  Make sure the total shipping is only showing $2.00 ($3.00 for international)

Here is the link to my blog to pretend to purchase these items:

Then comment below and tell me what items you put in the cart and if the above mentioned criteria was met and if there was any problems doing so.  Thank you!!

Be sure to check back to see if you won tomorrow!!