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Monday, September 27, 2010

Everyone wins a free hair accessory today!!!

To thank all my great customers and followers I decided to do a giveaway that includes everyone!! Yes, that means YOU! If you place an order this week I will include a free big rose flower clip!! No minimum order! 

All you need to do is place your order on my blog ( between now and Monday morning at 10:00am mountain time and then email me at kylaskreations at gmail dot com telling you would like to redeem this free offer and I will include this hair clip free! Makes a great gift too! 
$4.00 value!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Winner is.....

jen.a.kaylor said...

Just posted on FB. Thanks!

Thanks everyone! Here are the first part of the emails of those who have not verified your account (Haven't gone to your email and clicked on the link that feedburner sends you to make sure your email is real)

xogiggles0703ox, jewelay620, marlenep31, tara_berthelot, jenneelee, Neidaace, johnnakayx3, anniejvanharen, RL_herrington, jsedlack, pikachi, inkablondi, flashergurl0409, mylilboobaby, missy101377, pchnvsky, peggysund, misti_pruitt, Mrsimonjohns, maxsmom, nagc, tanya_shpak, rikki_vb12cheer, m.hendrickson89, samyasim, lovemyana, augspurgers, tudivavirtual, doristip, kentucky_angel04, sdtldt0414, 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Beautiful Giveaway today

Today I am giving away one of my newest "kreations".  It is a beautiful flower flower clip that you can clip on one of my beanies (I have more colors available!) or headbands or even just use alone! It has a beautiful rhinestone pendant center that is so sparkly.  It measures about 3.5". 

Buy this now in my store!

Have you noticed a change to my website? Go look! Kyla's Kreations is getting a makeover! You will love the new intricate hair accessories, pictures and website designs so be looking for more changes! 

*********To enter this drawing you must do three things********

1. Make sure you are signed up to receive my giveaway emails.  Enter your email address at the top of this blog and then go to your email and click on the link it sends you to verify your email address.  I have many who have signed up who have not done the second step and verify.  You must be signed up and verified to win

2. Post a blog or facebook entry/status telling people about this giveaway

3.  Comment below with your email address (or first part of it like kylaskreations) so I can see if your email address is added to my mailing list and verified and then tell me if you posted a blog or a facebook status.  

Example: kylaskreations and here is what I said on facebook: "Enter to win an amazing headband from Kyla's Kreations by going to!!!

That's it!! Good luck!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why no giveaway??

So sorry everyone!! I was running a race this weekend and when I got back my computer wouldn't turn on!! I spent all day yesterday trying to figure it out and finally I took it in the the Apple store and they helped me diagnose the problem and it it fixed now!! I am so behind on orders that I will be spending every waking moment and possibly all night fulfilling them so sorry if you contacted me and have still not heard from me, you will by today.  I will be back up to date soon and will be posting a giveaway next Monday.  So sorry!

Thanks for understanding! ~Jen