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Monday, November 22, 2010

BLack FriDaY sAle!!! One week only!! Giveaway Winner announced also

The winner for last week's giveaway was: HSUper Parents

Congrats! Contact me with your email address so I can send you an invoice for shipping.

Super excited announcement!! Everyone wins this week! This week I am having a Black Friday Sale's Event!! Super huge savings on some of my most popular hair accessories! Must see! This sale will last until midnight Monday the 29th of November.  Hurry and get the ones you want because some of these hair accessories will be sold out quickly and will never be listed again!!

CLICK HERE to see which hair accessories are on sale!! 
(or go to my blog and search under BLACK FRIDAY THANKSGIVING SALE)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Giveaway today!

The winners for last week were contacted.  Thank you for all who entered.  If I didn't choose yours it was because I already had a good photo for that hair accessory.   Thank you!!


I have a few new hair accessories listed. #38, 34 and #13!!!

Today I am giving away #38 which is an interchangeable black and white zebra headband which will fit child to an adult.  I love this headband because when I don't have time to do my daughters hair I just put this baby on with a flower clip and Voilà her hair looks done!!! (perfect for mom's hair too!!)

To win this headband you can do as many as the following.  Each will be counted as a different entry but be sure to comment below with a separate comment for each entry you do below:

1.   Click "like" on my facebook page CLICK HERE and then comment below telling me you have done so.

2.  Update your facebook status telling your friends and family about my blog website using my website link: Then comment below telling me you have done so. 

3.  Enter your email address below to receive emails when I have a giveaway (emails will NOT be shared!) Second; go to your email and confirm your email address to receive the emails.  Third; comment below to say you have done so. 

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Monday, November 8, 2010

AMAZING GIVEAWAY TODAY plus the winner of last week!

I am so excited about this giveaway today!  Today everyone could be a winner so there is no limit to how many can win!! Today I want to see pictures of your child wearing one of my hair accessories! If I choose your photo to use on my website then you will receive a a $6.00 credit to use in my store!  You can submit as many photos as you wish and you can win multiple times! Professional photo's are more likely to get chosen but be sure you have been given the photo rights to your photo's before you post them.  (If you win I can even put the name of photographer's company on the photo if you wish). 

I already have one customer who submitted two photo's today and I have already chose two of hers to use so she will get $12.00 credit! It's that easy. Here are the specifics:

1.  You must post photo or photo's on  my facebook fan page HERE  to qualify (
2. Must have or have been given the rights to the photo's
3. May submit as many photo's as you wish
4. May win multiple times depending on if and how many photo's I choose to win of yours.

Last weeks winner! The winner of last week's giveaway was chosen randomly from The winner was number 5 which was: Joy said...

I love this headband and I think that it is a great idea to make it with velcro!! Absolutely adorable

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Contact me at kylaskreations at gmail dot com and I will send you an invoice though paypal for the $2.00 shipping. Congrats!!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Trendy Curly Feather Headband Giveaway this week!!

I am in love with this headband! Me and my daughter share it because it looks great on both a mom and a child! (I had my four year old take the picture with me wearing the headband so sorry, it's not the best!) 

I have not listed this headband because I like to try all the hair accessories on me or my daughter first before I sell one so I can make sure it is a hair accessory my customers would like.  So this is my problem with this headband; because of the shape of it it is hard to store away let alone ship.  It doesn't lie flat so if you try to lay it flat it smashes the delicate feathers and might ruin the headband so I have an idea and I want to see what you think of it.  I have already tried it and it works, but I wanted to run it by my customers first to see how they feel about it.  I wanted to make the feather part removable so you could safely store the headband away so I have used a clear velcro.  It works perfect but I wanted to get feedback!

For today's giveaway, comment below and tell me your thoughts.  The nice thing about velcro is it makes the headband interchangeable.  You could buy several different colors of my feather pads separately and just interchange it on the headband to make the hair accessory cheaper and more versatile for you.  The winner will get this headband in my choice of colors and it will be removable with velcro.  Thank you in advance for your feedback!

The winner for this week is.....

Julia said...

posted : 

OMG! Just got Bryanna's new headbands and just love them...Can't wait for her to wear them :)
Tons of beautiful headbands, Check out